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Just as there are five basic ballet positions, there are also five basic steps to making a Freed of London pointe shoe. Click each step below to see just what we’re made of.
1 2 Forming
the Pleats
3 Shaping the Platform & Block 4 Measuring
& Binding
5 Inspection
& Packing
Constructing the Block
Freed of London Pointe Shoes are actually made inside out, and only turned right side out after the block has been constructed.

The Maker forms the block by hand, building it up layer upon layer with Hessian triangles, special papers and a glue made of flour, water paste and a few secret ingredients.
3D Pointe Shoe!
What makes a Freed of London
Pointe Shoe so great? Find out
in this interactive demo!
Our Maker's symbols - revealed!
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