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Hi Marie,
The shoes arrived this morning -- how bittersweet, they are beautiful, but the last of the Squiggles!
I am sure, though, that the "V" maker will be wonderful, too.  Melanie looks forward to trying them.

Thank you,
Brenda R.

Previously, special orders for pointe shoes can only be placed by phone. Now, you can place your special order on-line!
There is no minimum quantity for custom order pointe shoes.
For best results, detailed special order instructions should be submitted in writing, especially if you are ordering for the first time or if you are making many changes to your specifications on file.
All specifications left blank will be considered as "stock" or "default". If you have had a previous special order and do not require any changes, please mark "as had". However, you should rewrite the instructions for clarification if you have provided different sets of specifications in the past.
Any changes or amendments to existing special orders should be made no later than 2 weeks after the order has been submitted. We cannot guarantee that the changes will be carried out if your shoes are already in production. If you are uncertain about any aspect of the special order process, please feel free to contact us before you place the order.
Since special orders cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturing defect, we suggest that you try on stock shoes first to find a size and Maker that is consistent and comfortable before custom ordering. Please note that each Maker's work may differ slightly in styling. We recommend that you keep in mind at least 2 Makers should one become unavailable.
Click 3D View To see an interactive demo detailing the 10 points to a Freed of London Pointe Shoe required for special orders.
Note: Special orders can take 3 to 8 months to fulfill, depending on the availability of the Maker.
For a complete list of our Makers, click here.
To place your special order, click here.
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